UBI’s First Token Burn Event

We are happy to announce Burn Day 50x, a unique token burn even taking place over the next week for UBI Plus token.

Here’s how it will work

Between now and sometime on May 2, 2021, we will determine how many UBI tokens have been taken off exchanges. Whatever that number is on May 2nd we will multiply it by 50 and then immediately burn that many tokens from the remaining supply.

The current numbers…

Spookyswap DEX holds 41,164,557.581067944889099451 UBI as of this writing

Sushi Swap DEX holds 11,664,902.748998090676934064 UBI as of this writing

Hyperswap DEX holds 2,872,480.237681117323290182 UBI as of this writing

for a total of 55,701,940.5677471 UBI. (So far, nearly 85% of the circulating supply has been eaten up since launch.)

If this number on May 2nd is 10,000,000, for example, and 45.7 million UBI tokens were picked up during that time, 2.28 billion tokens will be burned on May 2/3.

Questions? Ask on our new forum at Opera Token: https://ope.fund/index.php?threads/announcing-burn-day-50x.21/

The Mission

The mission of UBI Plus is simple: “Decentralized finance” is really about helping people who don’t benefit from centralized finance. We believe that by helping people succeed economically without relying on governments, society can become better for everyone over time.

Official Links

Contract |FTMscan (set up your Metamask)
| https://ubiplus.org
Telegram | https://t.me/UBIplus
Official announcements | https://t.me/UBIplus_announce
Twitter | https://twitter.com/ubiplus
Blog | https://ubiplus.medium.com

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UBI Plus

UBI Plus


A blockchain-based mechanism that provides incentives to private individuals acting in their own best interests to fund a decentralized UBI scheme.