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UBI Plus
2 min readApr 24, 2021


The UBI Plus Token is a valueless governance token for participation in the UBI Plus ecosystem.

For your reference, the UBI Plus token is now available on Sushi, SpookySwap, and Hyperswap AMMs.

The contract address is 0xc908AE61B7E798A49a5876bDf0c307f02a3Ebce6

For both exchanges, please be sure you are connected to Fantom Opera in your Metamask.

Airdrops to Holders of Fantom-Based Projects

Holders of the following projects building exclusively on Fantom will receive airdrops of the UBI Plus token.

ZooCoin [$ZOO]
Spookyswap [$BOO]
Opera Token [$OPE]
Spiritswap [$SPIRIT]

Updated info at https://ope.fund/index.php?threads/how-to-get-the-ope-and-ubi-airdrops.50/

If your project has launched on Fantom and you’d like your holders to participate in the airdrop, please get in touch on our Telegram.


15% of UBI Plus tokens will be made available on exchanges in 2021 and 2022, beginning with 5% on April 24, 2021.

20% will be for airdrops to LPs and holders of Fantom projects over the next 2 years.

3.56% will be distributed over 12 months, beginning June 1, 2021, to holders of Goodomy and Karma Finance tokens (part of the Goodomy/Karma restructuring deal that UBI+ is a result of).

The remaining tokens will be kept in a smart contract that no one has any authority over, which is part of how the UBI+ protocol will work.

The Protocol

The UBI Plus protocol is entirely unique. At its heart is an open-sourced and autonomous smart contract that allows people to claim weekly payments that are commensurate with their percentage of circulating tokens held, as well as claim additional rewards determined by consensus.

The greater your share of the UBI circulating supply, the greater your claim to UBI payments or consensus rewards that the contract will distribute. 10% of funds within the contract will be reserved for UBI payments, sent out weekly to everyone that holds the token. 90% will be reserved for rewards every period, determined by consensus.

If, during the week, you did not transfer any UBI outside of your wallet you will receive the UBI2 token, which has a fixed supply. The UBI2 token will allow you to claim a share of the much larger UBI rewards.

When the UBI2 token is used it will be burned, increasing the utility of the UBI+ token.

The Mission

The mission of UBI Plus is simple: “Decentralized finance” is really about helping people who don’t benefit from centralized finance. We believe that by helping people succeed economically without relying on governments, society can become better for everyone over time.

Official Links

Contract |FTMscan (set up your Metamask)
| https://ubiplus.org
Telegram | https://t.me/UBIplus
Official announcements | https://t.me/UBIplus_announce
Twitter | https://twitter.com/ubiplus
Blog | https://ubiplus.medium.com

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UBI Plus

A blockchain-based mechanism that provides incentives to private individuals acting in their own best interests to fund a decentralized UBI scheme.