The New KFI Token + Token Locks

The new KFI token supply has been reduced to 513,000 tokens. The new contract is at

Note that the old KFI tokens are still valid and will be used for the swap.

A token snapshot will be taken sometime on or before September 15, 2020 to see which wallets hold the existing $KFI token so that the new tokens can be distributed.

How To Swap

There is no need to send your old tokens back. New tokens will be sent to the same address that holds the current token.

Those who have held their tokens longest will get their tokens first. (After the snapshot, there should not be any old tokens available to obtain. Just keep them in your wallet in order to get the proper amount of new tokens.)

Thereafter, the Uniswap address will be updated. There will be no announcement of when the new tokens will be available on Uniswap.

Most Tokens Will Be Locked

Most of the new KFI tokens have already been locked into one of three contracts.

The Community Token Lock

85% of the community allocation of 155,000 tokens (131, 750 KFI) have been locked until September 14, 2021.

The community token lock contract is at

The Team Token Lock

100% of the team allocation of 155,000 tokens have been locked until September 14, 2021.

The team token lock contract is at

The Development Token Lock

85% of the development allocation of 155,000 tokens (131, 750 KFI) have been locked until September 14, 2021.

The development token lock contract is at

Liquidity Lock

100% of remaining liquidity will be locked in the new KFI token for a period of one year within 3 days of the token snapshot of the old KFI token.

Angel Liquidity Providers

ALPs will be receiving their liquidity back before the end of September. KFI tokens will be distributed according to the number of KFI tokens (old and new) each wallet holds before the ALP reward is distributed.

The ALP with the most KFI tokens in their wallet at midnight on September 15 (GMT) will receive their allocation first at a rate not to exceed 1,350 tokens per day. After the first ALP has received their allocation, the ALP with the next-highest number of KFI tokens at the snapshot will begin to receive their allocation, and so on until the end of October.

The Purpose of the KFI Token

Please note that the KFI token is a utility token, not an investment or security. KFI tokens are intended to be used for governance and access to features of the Karma Finance protocol. Like Yearn Finance (YFI) tokens, they have no inherent value.

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