The Birth of Karma Finance

Funding the Unfunded

More than 6 years ago, the Karmacoin cryptocurrency project held the promise of ‘doing good’ for others. Although the developer had abandoned the project a few months after its inception, the community was still strong and active. One community member (who happened to be an inventor) stepped up to the plate, taking over the project and leading the community with fresh ideas and a new decentralized funding mechanism that today is known as the ICO.

Fast forward to today and there are still very few projects seeking to ‘do good’ for others. Naturally, our first thought would be to let someone else think about it, such as a charity, who would then decide where to distribute what funds (if they don’t spend more on their overhead expenses than the actual cause they support).

Why not have a way to give to people directly while allowing them to participate in the cryptocurrency revolution, especially now with the boom in DeFi?

Hundreds of millions of people around the world have happily made the quantum leap from not having a phone or computer of any type to having a cheap smartphone with fast internet. Similarly, people who know nothing about blockchain today will not want to take the step to a “blockchain bank account” that provides less than 1% interest per year. They would want to make the quantum leap straight to DeFi.

And what good would such a bank account be if there would be few, if any, funds in it?

Karma Finance was created as a way for people to help others make this quantum leap and participate in the next bull run and beyond before they get left behind. This isn’t just about helping people thousands of miles away that you’ve never met before (some of whom may not even exist). It’s also about helping your family, friends, colleagues, and others you know in whatever communities you happen to be a part of.

It’s one thing to give someone a dollar to help them, but another thing for them to think about making that dollar grow into two and three.

Here’s how to participate (and how it works):

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