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The Short

The holders of Fantom-based projects like ZOO, BOO, and Spirit, will receive UBI and OPE airdrops starting in June. Each community will ‘compete’ with others to get a higher percentage of the airdrops. The more your community posts quality content to their own forums, the more of the airdrops that project will get. The first calculation will be done on May 4. Each will then have 3–4 weeks to decide how they want to allocate their airdrop and work out address lists and amounts.

As long as there are people from your community posting info for others about your project on the website, you’re good to go. (Not everyone needs to post, but the more the better.)

Each month, there may be more projects on the list as the ecosystem grows.

This website,, is the ‘Fantom helper’ to help the Fantom community learn about projects, get questions answered, and minimize dubious projects on the chain.

The Long

Doing airdrops right is tricky. A project generally has three options: 1) keep it secret, like Uniswap; 2) reward whales, as a proportional airdrop; or 3) reward cheaters, who create multiple addresses in anticipation of a Uniswap-like airdrops where every address gets the same number of tokens.

Add to that projects can do their own airdrops to wallets that may never even participate in the project, which complicates it even further.

For the OPE and UBI airdrops, things will be done differently.

Instead of 1 big airdrop for both tokens, each will have from 12–26 airdrops spread out over the next year. OPE and UBI are both long-term projects that want to grow with the ecosystem, so this outlook is important. It is also important that the communities providing the airdrops benefit, as well as the ecosystem overall.

To distinguish between real members of each community and multiple addresses with one person behind them, or bots, each project will ‘compete’ for OPE and UBI airdrops by demonstrating how much they want to see the emerging Fantom ecosystem grow. This method will help minimize the ‘dumping’ that usually happens when those who weren’t really interested in the project at all receive their tokens.

The Competition

If you’re a member of the ZooCoin community, for example, go to the ZOO forums and add posts and info for the Fantom community. We will be counting the number of topics and replies in each project’s forum on May 4, 2021 (around midnight UTC), and coming up with a score. Topics are weighted more than replies. Your coin’s share of the total score will determine the % of the airdrop that it gets.

If you don’t see your coin/community, just post it as a thread in the ‘Live Tokens & Projects’ forum. Projects that are building exclusively on Fantom Opera will get the airdrop, but any project is free to post.

Every month we will re-calculate the score, as there will be new projects joining Fantom.

Please Note: Very short posts, fluff, irrelevant content, etc., to get the numbers up will be removed and won’t count towards the total (and may potentially flag your account).

Airdrops Via Community Consensus

As each coin is different, there is no one kind of airdrop that works for every project. That’s why we will allow each project’s community to figure out where its own allocation will go. They will need to work out their own address lists and percentages to come to a consensus on who gets what and display it publicly in their forum.

To clarify, users will post for the benefit of their community. A person that doesn’t post here but still holds ZOO, for example, will benefit from the actions of those in their community that do post content in there forum.

Date of Calculation

The date of calculation for forum posts will be May 4, 2021. After that, each community will decide the date of their first snapshot (before June).

Subsequent Airdrops

Following the first airdrop of OPE and UBI tokens, additional airdrops will follow.

Do I need To Hold The Tokens of All Projects?

No. But the more you hold the more you will probably receive. Each community will determine it’s own distribution, and they will probably include a certain number of holders in that list.

What If I’m an OPE or UBI Holder?

For OPE and UBI holders can head over to their respective communities to add content to receive tokens of the other project.

How About OPE and UBI Liquidity Providers?

The communities of OPE and UBI will decide how much their respective liquidity providers will receive. Lliquidity providers may be required to keep liquidity at the time of the snapshot up to the date of the first airdrop.


For both UBI and OPE, 20% of each token’s total supply will be available for airdrops to LPs and holders of Fantom projects over the next 2 years.

Exact amounts will also not be made public (until you get them)


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