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As part of the restructuring deal that combined the Karma Finance and Goodomy entities into UBI Plus, holders of both tokens will receive UBI tokens in their place.

As noted in our token launch post:

The rate of release will increase as the months progress and project matures. Except for the first date, the date of each release will not be made public. (They will just appear in your wallet.)

What You Need To Do

There is nothing additional you need to do to receive your…

The Short

The holders of Fantom-based projects like ZOO, BOO, and Spirit, will receive UBI and OPE airdrops starting in June. Each community will ‘compete’ with others to get a higher percentage of the airdrops. The more your community posts quality content to their own forums, the more of the airdrops that project will get. The first calculation will be done on May 4. Each will then have 3–4 weeks to decide how they want to allocate their airdrop and work out address lists and amounts.

As long as there are people from your community posting info for others about…

We are happy to announce Burn Day 50x, a unique token burn even taking place over the next week for UBI Plus token.

Here’s how it will work

Between now and sometime on May 2, 2021, we will determine how many UBI tokens have been taken off exchanges. Whatever that number is on May 2nd we will multiply it by 50 and then immediately burn that many tokens from the remaining supply.

The current numbers…

Spookyswap DEX holds 41,164,557.581067944889099451 UBI as of this writing

Sushi Swap DEX holds 11,664,902.748998090676934064 UBI as of this writing

Hyperswap DEX holds 2,872,480.237681117323290182 …

The UBI Plus Token is a valueless governance token for participation in the UBI Plus ecosystem.

For your reference, the UBI Plus token is now available on Sushi, SpookySwap, and Hyperswap AMMs.

The contract address is 0xc908AE61B7E798A49a5876bDf0c307f02a3Ebce6

For both exchanges, please be sure you are connected to Fantom Opera in your Metamask.

Airdrops to Holders of Fantom-Based Projects

Holders of the following projects building exclusively on Fantom will receive airdrops of the UBI Plus token.

Updated info at https://ope.fund/index.php?threads/how-to-get-the-ope-and-ubi-airdrops.50/

If your project has launched on Fantom and you’d like your holders to participate in the airdrop, please…

We’re full-steam ahead into the new UBI+ Token project. Details on the new UBI token will soon be released.

In the meanwhile, we’ve been working on something a bit different for Fantom, our new network. Fantom’s speed and cost allows for a different dimension of dapps that would not be possible on other networks.

We’d like to find out how to best leverage that with a little experiment.

The Time Lords Experiment

We’ve developed a simple, yet endlessly-rewarding game called Time Lords. While we’re busy building the UBI+ dapp to make it as decentralized as possible, we’d like people to get used to the…

Karma Finance will be acquired by Goodomy as part of a deal that will restructure both projects.

Goodomy will provide funding for the cash-strapped Karma Finance project. Additionally, a new entity will be created that will operate in a far more decentralized and streamlined manner while still satisfying the needs of both communities. As well, the ‘Karma Finance’ brand will be replaced with the UBI+ brand.

UBI+, the new entity, will be a free-market based method of providing all of its token holders with a Universal Basic Income (UBI) scheme. It will run on the Fantom network.

Holders of the Ethereum-based KFI token will receive a swap of the new, Fantom-based UBI+ token. Details on the swap will be released at a later date.

Official Links

Website | https://ubiplus.org
Telegram | https://t.me/UBIplus
Official announcements | https://t.me/UBIplus_announce
Twitter | https://twitter.com/ubiplus
Blog | https://ubiplus.medium.com

Securities disclaimer

Expensive network fees have made it impractical for Karma Finance to implement any kind of UBI/DeFi hybrid over Ethereum.

Any kind of transaction over a blockchain network that costs more than a few cents is completely absurd.

We have, in fact, spent more than half of our budget paying Ethereum gas fees(!) Needless to say, Ethereum is not the way forward for Karma Finance.

But Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is.

Moving To the Fantom Ecosystem

Karma Finance is moving to Fantom’s Opera network. It is a DAG-based permissionless smart contract platform with an exclusive aBFT consensus mechanism for enterprise-level scalability and bank-grade security. With…

Per the result of a vote last month on whether or not Karma Finance should integrate elements of Universal Basic Income (UBI) with our DeFi solution, we are happy to formally announce that it will be pursued.

In doing this, we want to provide a model for how UBI can be achieved with private funds.

Get Rewarded for Helping Others

We’re primarily interested in value creation, not just ‘giving’ for the sake of giving. We want as many people around the world as possible to be productive members of their respective societies to help improve the overall state of the world.

The new Karma Finance…

The month of October saw the introduction of Karma Finance’s brand personality and message, ALP round 2, the KFITO token running on Consensus Finance’s protocols as its first pilot, and our first press release.

We also conducted a poll to find out whether the community wants to respond to the opportunity that the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ efforts (backed by the United Nations and major world governments) have presented in the way of Karma Finance possibly pivoting to “UBI for DeFi”.

Resolving the Crypto Project Paradox

Crypto currently suffers from a dilemma: genuine projects (i.e., those that are not a scam on some level)…

We are happy to announce that Karma Finance has joined Consensus Finance as the first token in its pre-release. This new facility is designed to gradually increase the health of the KFI market and solve problems such as distribution and liquidity, as well as provide a method for funds to reach development and marketing efforts for the project.

Here’s what it all means.

Consensus Finance

Consensus Finance is a new kind of protocol for blockchain and DeFi. It is a platform for Incentivized Token Organizations (ITOs) that run on smart contracts that anyone can easily participate in.

Consensus Finance (CoFi), developed by…

UBI Plus

A blockchain-based mechanism that provides incentives to private individuals acting in their own best interests to fund a decentralized UBI scheme.

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